Boarding Terms & Cancellations

Our Boarding Terms & Conditions

By leaving any pet/s in the care of the Pet Resort Owner’s/Agents fully acknowledge and accept all terms and conditions of the Pet Resort which include the proprietors, staff and agents to board the pets named in the agreement and all terms and conditions as stated below.

  1. I release and indemnify the Pet Resort against all responsibilities, liabilities, claims , damages and expenses (including any loss, injury, sickness or death) of any pet lodged with the Pet Resort, howsoever caused, including by any negligent act or omission or breach of duty or contract by the Pet Resort or any other person.


  1. That the Pet Resort bears no responsibility for any collars, leads, containers or articles left with the Pet Resort.


  1. That I will pay the charges per calendar day during the period of lodgement of all pets left at the Pet Resort. I will pay all fees for boarding upfront and any extra costs that may be incurred on collection of the Pet including any vet fees deemed necessary.  Payments will be by cash or eftpos only.  Cheques will not be accepted.  Payment by internet transfer must be done 48 hour prior to delivering the pets to the Pet Resort.


  1. I authorise the Pet Resort to obtain Veterinary attention for any pets, including any treatment or investigative procedures deemed necessary. It will be the discretion of the Pet Resort if the pet needs the attendance of a veterinary practitioner and I agree to pay all vet costs before the pet leaves the Pet Resort.  In the event that the owner cannot be contacted, the vets’ decision will be final.
  2. That the signing of this agreement will give the Pet Resort lien over the pets in favour of the Pet Resort, which lien shall continue to exist while monies are owing pursuant to this agreement.


  1. That I will not be entitled to remove pets from the Pet Resort until all monies have been paid in full. No refunds shall be given if pets are picked up early as per agreement.


  1. That if at any time payment is outstanding for seven (7) days for lodging, vet fees, etc, and is not paid within seven (7) days upon request by the Pet Resort, I authorise the Pet Resort to dispose of the pets in any manner determined by the Pet Resort in its absolute discretion and hold the Pet Resort harmless therefore. The Pet Resort will account to me for any monies received should it exercise this power by selling the pets, less monies owning pursuant to this agreement.


  1. That no deposit paid to the Pet Resort shall be refunded. Our Cancellation Policy is available on our website.


  1. The Pet Resort can refuse the right of entry of any animals showing any signs of illness, cough, mucous discharge, inflamed eyes, lethargy, sneezing or temperature. Any animal that is of threat to any person in the Pet Resort will also be refused entry.  Any animal that bites, kicks or harms a human while in attendance at the Pet Resort will have to be removed immediately and the owner will be responsible for any medical costs to the injured party.


  1. I warrant that I am the said owner of the pets or authorised person by the owner to enter into this agreement and I understand and have read and agree to all of the conditions.



In the event of an Accident, Injury or Illness resulting in the Pet Resort obtaining Veterinary attention for my Pet(s), I understand I will be held liable for all costs regarding treatment and Owner’s/Agents may authorise these services as deemed necessary to a restricted monetary value (Advise us of this upon arrival)

Paralysis Ticks, Toads and Snakes

South East Queensland is home to a number of hazards to our Pets.  While all care is taken, no place is 100% safe for pets. In the event of an emergency, we will contact the Vet first and foremost and administer First Aid.  We will endeavour to contact you or your Alternate Contact on the numbers as provided below.
If we are unable to make contact, the Vet’s decision will be final and all costs are payable by the owner.

Canine Cough
Canine Cough/Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis (commonly known as ‘Kennel Cough’) is a very common disorder that is seen in any situation where there are a number of dogs, such as Dog Parks, Obedience Classes, Beaches and Boarding Kennels.  The time from contact with infection until symptoms are seen can be up to 7 days. This means that animals can seem perfectly healthy when admitted to the kennels even though they are already shedding the virus. Spread is rapid via dog to dog contact, human to dog contact and even just via the air!

Although your dog is vaccinated against ‘Kennel Cough’ it is a complex condition. Your dog is routinely vaccinated for 2 components of the complex. These include Canine Parainfluenza (the equivalent of dog flu) and Bordetella Bronchisepta (dog version of whooping cough). Canine cough however can incorporate up to 14 different viruses and secondary bacterial infections in a single case. This means that even though your dog is vaccinated for the very severe components (that can cause pneumonia and death), they are still susceptible to some of the mild symptoms of the Cough complex (similar to us catching a common cold).

Feline Flu
Feline Flu (or “Cat Flu”) is a common disease caused by either of two viruses; Feline Herpesvirus or Feline Calicivirus and sometimes, Feline Chlamydia. Like Canine Cough, Cat’s incubating the virus may seem healthy upon arrival at the Pet Resort and symptoms may not become apparent for 3-7 days after infection.

The risk of developing ‘Cat Flu’ can be reduced by regular vaccination.  Unfortunately vaccination will not prevent infection but may lessen the severity of the disease.
Generally cats are most at risk of catching flu if they are in contact with other cats, for example at Rescue or Welfare Shelters, Outdoor Neighbourhood Cats, and Catteries.

Infected Cats shed a lot of virus particles into the environment via their saliva or nasal secretions and these may remain alive for up to a week in the environment.
Unfortunately, cats that recover may become temporary or permanent virus carriers.  This means that they may shed virus into the environment, even if they have no disease signs.  Carrier cats are most like to shed during bouts of illness and stress.

Despite our standards of care and cleanliness being second to none at Grand Haven Pet Resort, unfortunately Viruses, like Canine Cough and Feline Flu are airborne (just like the human flu) and are highly contagious conditions.
No Pets are admitted to our Pet Resort with obviously signs of sickness or illness.  If your pet shows any symptoms or signs of illness, we will seek veterinary advice and all costs are payable by owners.
If you have any concerns after collecting your pets, please do not hesitate to contact us.


All reservations require minimum $50.00 deposit on booking. All Fees are required in full upon Check In.

Deposits for bookings cancelled with less than 30 days notice are transferable to another booking for the same Client within 12 months or is otherwise forfeited.

Deposits for bookings cancelled with more than 30 days notice are transferable to another booking for the same Client within 12 months or refunded less a $50.00 Booking Fee per Pet.

Deposits for bookings cancelled during Peak Holiday Periods are not transferable or refunded.

No Refunds are given for early departures.

Any Refunds offered contrary to the above or use of Discount Vouchers and Special Offers are strictly at Management’s Discretion and reserve the Right to Refuse where it is deemed necessary.


A $10.00 Credit will be applied to an existing customers’ account when:
– They refer new clients to Grand Haven Pet Resort
– At the time of booking, the new client lets us know it was you who referred them (so we can keep track!)
– The credit is applied to existing accounts once the booking is confirmed and finalised

Credit can be accrued (ie: Earn $10 for every new customer you send our way!) and can be redeemed on Products & Services offered by Grand Haven (Retail, Grooming, Boarding etc)
Credit cannot be redeemed for Cash.
We reserve the right to refuse any discounts if deemed necessary or we feel the program is being abused.


Discount Vouchers
All discount vouchers are for Off Peak bookings only (outside school holidays)
Only ONE voucher will be applied per booking/family at a time.
Customers must advise us of their discount voucher at the time of booking otherwise it will not be applied.
Discount Vouchers must be surrendered upon arrival – no voucher, no discount.
Discount Vouchers can not be used in conjunction with any other offers.
Discount vouchers will only be applied for amounts and services as stated on the voucher.
Our standard boarding terms and conditions apply to all discounted bookings and we reserve the right to refuse any discounts as deemed necessary.
Anyone found to be misusing vouchers will be excluded from any future discounts or promotions.

Gift Vouchers & Cash Vouchers
Vouchers for set cash amounts can be used at any time, subject to availability however if the balance of services is less than the voucher amount, no credit will be given for the difference.

Ipswich City Coucil Registration Rewards
Local Businesses who feature discount vouchers in the Registration Rewards Program do not receive reimbursement from the ICC for any offers or discounts provided.
The costs associated with any offers given are absorbed by the businesses.
Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse or terminate our participation in the ICC Registration Rewards Program at any time as deemed necessary.
Anyone found to be misusing vouchers will be excluded from all our discounts and promotions.

For Details relating to the Ipswich City Council Vouchers please CLICK HERE