December/January Boarding Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions only apply to bookings which include any nights from 24th December to 3rd January inclusive:

If, after reading our Terms and Conditions, you do not agree with them, please do not commit to a booking expecting refunds or credits if your holiday is cancelled for any reason beyond your control or ours. If you proceed with the booking, it is understood you have carefully read, agreed with and will abide by our T’s & C’s.

We ask for a 5%0 booking fee, at the time the reservation is made please.

We ask for payment for this period only, to be paid before 10th November. The booking fee is deducted from the stay. Only after the booking fee is paid, can the booking be secured and guaranteed.

Before committing to your booking, please read our T’s & C’s, including our COVID cancellation policy.

We get booked out very quickly for this time of year and many of our valued clients and new clients, miss out and are forced to book elsewhere. Our T’s & C’s are in place to ensure bookings are genuine and dates are confirmed.
Other than the passing of pets, there are no refunds or credits for change of mind or any reason your holiday is cancelled, postponed or shortened.


Consideration with credits only (no refund) will only apply if Qld goes into total lock-down and nobody is able to travel.

With uncertain travel restrictions, if you choose to travel interstate or overseas, please be very aware that if your booking is cancelled due to COVID restrictions, including Qld closing borders to other States and/or closing travel bubbles to overseas destinations, our T’s & C’s will be strictly adhered to, with absolutely no refund or credit if your holiday is cancelled, postponed or shortened.

To avoid disappointment, please do not ask or please consider booking elsewhere. We are very sorry if this affects you, however, it affects us as well. We book out very early for this period and the booking you made meant we were unable to take bookings from those who are travelling within Qld which resulted in them having to book elsewhere.

Our business, like many other small businesses, are unable to continue existing unless we put in place conditions to enable us to survive on-going lockdowns. We appreciate your consideration and understanding.

Prior to your pet’s arrival, we ensure sufficient staff are available to care for them based on the period you have booked. Therefore, the fully booked period is payable on check-in for days in the school holidays, with no refund or credit if you decide to come home early. Credits only, (no refunds), will be considered if Qld goes into lock-down. We are happy to refund or credit days outside of school holidays.