Training & Services


PRIVATE LESSONS Individually Tailored Training to suit your lifestyle and Dog

Does your Dog have a Behavioural Problem that can’t be addressed as part of a Group Class?
Behavioural issues can vary greatly from dog to dog and require the assistance of a Qualified Trainer who is able to identify the issues and develop a suitable training plan with you.

Private Lessons are One-on-One sessions with yourself, your pooch and one of our Qualified Trainers.
You will receive a customised training plan and instruction on training your dog and addressing any behavioural issues.
You are provided with Training Sheets and Goals to continue with in between sessions and ensure your dog’s progress.

On Site Private Lesson – 60 minutes – $100.00
In Home Private Lesson – 60 minutes – $150.00

BOARDING & TRAINING Intensive Fast Tracked Training Programs

Is your Pooch is becoming Leader of the Pack? Has Rover become a little Unruly?
Boarding & Training is an intense program designed to address Behavioural Issues, Problem Solving and Obedience Training.

Your Dog will stay at Grand Haven Pet Resort for training and behaviour modification. Once the initial training is complete, follow up consults are booked with you to demonstrate your dog’s ability and teach you how to maintain the level of training to ensure long term results.

Remember – we provide you with all the information to keep Rover on the right track and you will always have our Support!

Boarding & Training is recommended for such issues as:
– General obedience
– Problem behaviours
– “Last Resort” training (where previous training attempts have been unsuccessful)
– Addressing Issues that cannot be corrected through Group Classes
– Time Poor owners who need to fast track their dog’s learning

Level I
 – Obedience Program (10 days)                  $1000.00
Level II – Obedience Program (16 days)                $1500.00
Level III – Obedience Program (21 days)             $1900.00

Behaviour Modification Programs are assessed on a Case by Case Basis
(for issues such as Aggression, Anxiety, Reactivity, Fears & Phobias, etc)
Pre Boarding Consultation Fee of $100.00 applies and will be waived upon booking.

Call us today to so we can advise you on the best and most cost effective training solution for your dog.  Phone: 07 5464 6266